Music Baby Play Mat Gym

Product Features

●  Lie down and play, stent pendants allow babies do grasping, shaking activities, exercise leg strength.
●  On the stomach and play, baby and toys close interaction, play in the p romotion of back muscle and neck development.
●  Sit and play, can freely adjust the height of the piano, built-in massive early education content, play in the p romotion of low back muscle development.
●  Auditory development, when babies tap on the piano keys, it will send out the sound of different music and thus stimulate babies' sense of hearing.
● Piano can be disassembled independently, placed in a crib or stroller, the music accompany the baby to sleep.
●  Smooth edge treatment of the piano, to create a safe playing environment for children.
●  Use of high quality cotton, soft and breathable, isolated from the dust interference on the ground, giving children a healthy playing environment.
●  Built-in 60 lullaby of the piano, high-quality, no excessive noise.
●  Configure remote control toy aircraft, built LED light projection, music player, story play, digital and letters teaching play, timing and other functions.
● With remote control, emancipate mother hands, baby play independently.
●  Lightweight body foam bracket and cotton wrapped, sturdy support structure, solid, slip-proof and safe.
●  Simple installation and removal.